Our Story

A Need for Gluten-Free

How it started

Our story began in 1992, when our founder made history as the first Chinese entrepreneur to introduce black rice into the mainstream market in the US. Recognized as the best quality black rice in the world, the black rice that is grown in northeast China has grown in popularity all around the globe.

In December 2005, our founder received a call from London that would mark the beginning of a transformation for our company. The caller, thought at first to be a black rice customer, turned out to be the catalyst to our pioneering journey into the world of gluten-free and additive-free products.

We discovered, through client presentations and our internal research, that over 70 million people in Europe were allergic to gluten at the time. Gluten allergies are potentially fatal, making food choices especially important for these consumers.

Research & Development

Making our minds up to rise to the challenge, we set off on a mission to research the possibility of developing and producing gluten-free products. In 2006 we traveled, together with our client from London to the snow-covered northeastern part of China. The purpose of our trip was to identify factories that would be able to produce our gluten-free noodles. 

We entered a phase of intensive research and development, marked by exciting scientific and technological innovation. After more than a year, through trial and error, we were eventually able to launch our first range of organic, gluten-free ramen products. We started by exporting small batches to the UK and continental Europe, then in 2008, we started exporting to Israel and the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

In 2012 we reached a significant milestone in our journey. We set up our first factory in Dalian and started production. The transition from trade to manufacturing was challenging, but rewarding, as it equipped us with enhanced control over the outcome of the final quality of our products.

A New Standard for food

Our process begins by cultivating top-quality japonica rice in a cold climate, in nutrient-rich Chernozem soil (also known as black soil). Once the rice has been harvested, every aspect of production is scientifically monitored – from water and air purification to the sterilization of equipment. Our health and safety standards are world-class, ensuring the well-being of our workers as well as guaranteeing the quality of our organic, gluten-free products.

2014 was another significant year. In July our four national patents for gluten-free noodles were awarded. Later that year, in December, our independent brand GloryLand was registered as a trademark. We also made our big breakthrough into the North American market, by entering Whole Foods. Six months later, in 2015, we branched out into several other famous global chain stores.

Our global reach continued to grow, and now our gluten-free and additive-free noodles and ramen, as well as our instant cup ramen, have become popular favorites in many countries.

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